Our Services


Doppler echocardiography (Heart scanning), ECG, Blood Pressure, Halter Monitoring.

Diagnostic Imaging

CT, Digital xray, ultrasound scanning, endoscopy/colonoscopy, bronchoscopy/rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, nano-arthroscopy.


Fracture repair, Cruciate Ligament Surgery (TPLO, lateral suture), Patella Surgery, Total Hip Replacement, Spinal Surgery, Amputation.

Complementary Therapy

Stem cell therapy, PRP.

Transfusion Medicine

Blood transfusion (Dog and Cat), Plasma Transfusion.

Routine Surgery

Neutering, Keyhole Surgery, Lump Removals, Electrocautery and Harmonic-assisted Surgery.

Complex Soft Tissue

TECA, Skin Reconstruction, Anal Sac Removal, Liver Surgery/Adrenalectomy, PSS, Splenectomy, Bladder Surgery, GI surgery (Gastrotomy, enterotomy, enterectomy).


Routine scale and polish, oral growths, maxillofacial trauma, Dental X-rays and extractions.


Chemotherapy, tumour removal.


Cherry eye, 3rd eyelid flap, entropion, enucleation, tonometry, slit-lamp microscopy.


Routine and second opinion dermatology cases including auto immune disorder.

In-house Laboratory

IDEXX in-house analysers: Biochemistry, Electrolytes, Haematology, Clotting Factors, Blood Gases, Urinalysis/Sedivue, Blood Typing, Progesterone.